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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lipstick Building

Lipstick Building
This is the "Lipstick Building" where the notorious Bernie Madoff had his offices.
Which has nothing to do with Memorial Sloan-Kettering or our personal journey except that it was on the way.
Roberta and I met with the surgeon today. Pathology folks discovered that her cancer was more than 30% the highly aggressive type. 

So the protocol is to be more aggressive surgically.

On March 23rd Roberta will go back into MSK to repeat the procedure only they'll remove what remains of the upper quadrant of her left lung, plus her lymph nodes.

We were aware this scenario. We had the option of two surgeries and took a roll of the dice to see if they would get it all the first time. So you can view this as: Back to Plan A.

Roberta has the best attitude and I am holding up well. Basically, I married the most popular girl in school.

More positives; We're taking the time to experience Manhattan together, something we haven't done much of since we were dating.

Our new favorite is the Saloon in the Oyster Bar Restaurant

Oyster Bar Entrance
Deep in the catacombs of Grand Central Station is the entrance to the Oyster Bar Restaurant.
The entrance to the Saloon is further inside.
Photos shot with my Olympus PEN E-PM1 using the Pinhole Art filter. Camera courtesy of Get Olympus and the PENready Project.

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