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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Process That Film - NOW!

Hats on the Boardwalk/Venice Beach, CA

After Roberta (my wife) came back from Las Vegas last week I had the film processed from my Olympus Infinity Stylus (I love that little camera). Since the "digital revolution" that poor camera has been sitting in my camera bag - that was until Roberta needed a camera to take to Vegas. 

After processing I found that the film showed signs of heat and age damage.

I also have a Canon A2E SLR film camera that also sits in a bag - its been in the bag for nearly two years with the same roll of film in it, so having learned my lesson from the little Olympus I had that film developed - LO AND BEHOLD there were a few gems on it from a trip to California...I just don't remember when!

The moral of the story is; If you have any film laying around – get it to the lab ASAP!

Sign and Surfer/Venice Beach, CA

Sign and Window/Venice Beach, CA

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